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The value of the service

Cost. Simplicity. Efficiency.

Integration with each major publication platform and service can be incredibly expensive and involve 100's of hours of development and testing. With Presshub, you integrate it once, and are seamlessly connected and ready to publish to all of them.

Getting started

While the idea is simple and the integration magically works, you will still need to consult with your developers and evaluate the API. If you like this application, contact us and we will help you and your development team get started.

Platforms we support

We support variety of services and online platforms. Currently we support Apple News, Facebook, Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, Live Journal, Slack, Tumblr, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Vkontakte.
We can only connect you to these services if you have active accounts with them. It is your responsibility to create accounts with each service you would like to connect your Presshub account with.

Looking your best

We understand that the standard templates we provide may just not be compatible with your needs. Good news, we support custom template development for any of the Presshub integrated services. We want your content to look its best out there in the wild internet, because it makes you look great, which makes us look great, and we love looking great! Contact us about custom template design and implementation

Help me, I can't get integrated!

Need help getting things integrated? Presshub can provide integration development and support for your website or application. Contact us if you would like Presshub to get you goin or if you have any support needs and questions.